About Us

Our Vision

To be most responsible provider of efficient and effective online payment gateway services that will catapult the growth and development of businesses and institutions for the greater convenience of customers worldwide.

Our Mission

To align with and grow the E-commerce businesses of responsive partners.

To increase participation of merchants in E-commerce with state-of-the-art technology compliant with card associations and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Expertise and Professional Management


AurumPay® Philippines has a team of accomplished local professionals, complemented and supported by foreign industry experts among its working team. This enables AurumPay® Philippines to provide competent services at par with other international online payment providers. AurumPay® Philippines payment gateway has an extensive track record in the international online payment business.

Process Flow Culture

AurumPay® Philippines has a well-organized and documented process flow culture. Each area of discipline within its workforce is governed by well thought-out processes that each work team member understands. The workflow processes are products of intensive discussions within the working teams. The working teams therefore have ownership of their respective areas of discipline.

Service Culture

AurumPay® Philippines nurtures a service culture within and outside of its organization. Each team member is trained to deliver satisfaction to everyone they come across as they conduct business. The nature of AurumPay® Philippines business demands care and attention to our client’s e-commerce activities. Each transaction is important to us.

The Summation

Experienced professionals, robust gateway, process culture and service culture: These are the essential elements that make AurumPay® Philippines a strong and reliable technology partner.