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AurumPay® Philippines provides the ideal e-Commerce solution that facilitates acceptance of online payments through Credit Cards, signature Debit Cards, and other alternative online payment methods such as over-the-counter Cash Payments.

Online Credit Card Payments


AurumPay® Philippines’ payment platform allows merchants to accept major credit cards at very competitive rates. It’s payment gateway is directly connected to issuing and acquiring banks’ systems. AurumPay® Philippines is an official payment gateway service provider for online credit card transactions acquired by major banks and institutions such as MetrobankCard Corporation (a partnership between ANZ Australia and Metropolitan Trust and Banking Corporation), the Bank of the Philippine Islands, as well as Smart Communications.

Online Debit Card and ATM Card Payments

A. MasterCard and Visa Debit Cards


AurumPay® Philippines’ gateway processes online Transactions for all MasterCard and Visa debit cards issued by any bank in the world.

B. BancNet ATM Cards

AurumPay® Philippines is an official payment gateway service provider for online ATM card transactions of BancNet, Inc. The payment gateway of AurumPay® Philippines is directly integrated with the system of Bancnet Inc. BancNet, Inc. is the Philippines’ largest ATM Consortium with 48 member banks and subscribers, and more than 6 million active debit cardholders nationwide. With AurumPay® Philippines’ payment gateway, Depositors and Cardholders of Bancnet Member Banks can purchase and make payments online for services or products using their ATM cards. Customers can shop or pay online without the need of a Credit Card. Since AurumPay® Philippines’ payment gateway is directly integrated with the system of Bancnet, Inc., customers can transact payments directly through the secure payment page of Bancnet, Inc. and are thus ensured that ATM cardholders’ data and bank information are kept secured. Businesses are likewise assured that their funds are properly handled at Bancnet, Inc.

Tiaong Rural Bank
Enterprise Bank Luzon Development Bank


AurumPay® Philippines facilitates online payments for SmartMoney electronic wallet by providing its payment gateway platform to SmartMoney. AurumPay® Philippines’ payment gateway is directly integrated with the system of SmartMoney for this purpose. This enables businesses and customers to receive and make payments online using their SmartMoney debit cards. With AurumPay® Philippines’ payment gateway, businesses can tap on SMARTMoney’s 50.9 Million subscribers online.


AurumPay® Philippines’ payment gateway is directly integrated with the GCash system. This enables GCash debit cardholders and cellphone subscribers to make payments online. Businesses can then use GCash among their online payment options to tap Globe and Touch Mobile’s 36.1 Million subscribers who can easily and conveniently make payments online.

Over-the-counter Cash Payments

MLhuillier, Bayad Center, etc.

To further address the unbanked Philippine populace’s growing need to transact online, AurumPay® Philippines had directly integrated its gateway with non-bank institutions for cash payments. AurumPay® Philippines’ payment gateway generates a unique transaction reference number that is recognized by the system of these non-bank institutions. All cash transactions via these non-bank institutions can be viewed real-time from Aurumpay®’s gateway. AurumPay® now has the country’s biggest network of non-bank institutions for cash payments that are directly connected into one payment gateway. Among these non-bank institutional partners are the following:

Gateway Features

  1. Full featured merchant interface for viewing and managing of orders
  2. Robust reporting tools that can be managed and controlled by yourself to suit your specifications
  3. Mobile-ready, making it accessible to authorized users from mobile phones, tablets or laptops from anywhere in the world for better monitoring and management
  4. Transaction reports that can be viewed real-time or downloaded anytime
  5. Hosted payment pages: AurumPayPro®, AurumPaySwift® and other tailored pages
  6. Virtual terminal, subject to certain guidelines and requirements
  7. Instant SMS Web Service
  8. Recurring payments
  9. Tokenization
  10. Pre-authorization
  11. Buy Now Button
  12. API connection for all available payment methods to directly connect your website to AurumPay® Philippines’ payment gateway and keeps customer experience in your website